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What is EPVS?

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Electronic Property Valuation System (EPVS) is an online system that makes a validation easier and accurate - Government's published data is easily imported and organized which help analyses sales price histories for comparable properties in any given area, and adjust for distinguishing characteristics of the target property to estimate its market value. We have developed this EPVS application that helps in valuation commercial and residential properties for all purposes like purchase of the property, securing loans, insurance and the likes. The application provides expert valuation and consultancy services for all types of property. The electronic reports produced by the EPVS application are very comprehensive, providing all the information based on the valuation.


Features of EPVS

Sales Search

This module enables easy import of JPPH data, search with all the categories at your fingertips. Enables customization your own grid. Provides Analysis of the land and main floor area. Features rapid conversion of units on scale.

Case Management

The EPVS application comes with instructions and a user can perform dynamic reference number assigning, valuation, drafts, approval, KIV, Title management, disbursement, payments, proforma invoice and dispatch. Reports on case status can be generated by giving in the date.


This module enables creation of your enquires. You can attach sales data for the existing enquiry to convert to a new entry. This feature gives no scope for another Valuer to furnish different value of a given property. A quotation/report can be generated for the client that can be sent online.

Data Management

The user can manage all the data of the property location and the schemes available, using this module. The search keywords can be fixed as per company standards. Millions of government published data is mined and available in click of mouse.


With this module Valuer can save maximum time while generate the report. All the data of the property will be captured by Valuer. The module handles approvals and rejects along with comments by Valuation Manager.

Valuation Reports & Workings

This is completely dynamic module where Valuer can able to generate the Valuation report and valuation working methods. All the formulas are integrated in the system and the user just needs to adjust the values to generate the working methods.

Benefits of the EPVS

There are many benefits of this application and is extremely accurate when compared to using conservative property validating services to validate your property.

Rapid Solutions
The application being Internet and intranet based provides rapid solutions with easy and accurate computing to deliver valuation reports within no time.
Cloud Based
The application is cloud based and can be accessible to the users from anywhere in the world. The application is cost effective and maintenance cost of the application is low.
Magic Touch
The application is user friendly and a user needs basic computing and internet knowledge to use the application. Magic touch is the key to this application and just a few clicks and you will have all you need in a flash.

Subscribe a Package

EPVS 250

250 RM

2 Users

Complete System

50 GB Storage

One Time Setup Fee RM 1500

Server Charges RM 750/Year

Package Fee RM 250

No Maintenance Fee

Free Training 1 Day

Free Updates

EPVS 500

500 RM

5 Users

Complete System

100 GB Storage

One Time Setup Fee RM 1500

Server Charges RM 1000/Year

Package Fee RM 500

No Maintenance Fee

Free Training 2 Days

Free Updates

EPVS 750

750 RM

10 Users

Complete System

100 GB Storage

One Time Setup Fee RM 1500

Server Charges RM 1500/Year

Package Fee RM 750

No Maintenance Fee

Free Training 2 Days

Free Updates



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EPVS - Clients | real estate Electronic property valuation in Malaysia

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EPVS - Clients | real estate Electronic property valuation in Malaysia


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